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Agent ONE - Imprisoned in cellar

Agent ONE - Imprisoned in cellar
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Story: Did you ever know that there is a secret circle of luxury ladies, who are bored of her normal life and so they abduct rich or important men, break them and make them slaves for her own delight? They call themselves agents and they build a network like a secret service. They are beautiful but ruthlessly, they are hot and they play a dangerous game for her own thrill...

You are allowed to attend Madame Catarina, known to the circle as agent one... In the Episode I, the lady arrives in one of the hidden places the circle owns, getting her next "mission" from a secured disc. While having some cigarettes, the lady thinks about her mission, is calling a friend and then leaves the room for action... her expensive outfit is breathtaking: Nothing else than skin tight black leather!

The victim has been and is now being jailed in a bunker somewhere in Berlin. No food or drink. The cruel lady sometimes comes down to the helpless bound man and tells him, what she will do to him the next days. She really enjoys her psycho terror.

The victim has been jailed for another two days. He is now for 6 days without drink or food. The cruel lady now brings him a bowl with moldy bred where she spits on.

Later this day Madame Catarina starts the breaking of the victim. He is bound to the torture bench and the Mistress whips him with her cat o' nine. She then changes to a riding crop and a leather paddle. The ass of the man gets red very fast. Agent One told him that she will sell him to one of the other ladies in the elitist circle. Again, she uses her riding crop while the victim flounders in pain.

In the end the broken slave is forced to lick the high heeled boots of the heartless lady who looks breathtaking in her tight leather outfit. This was just the first step to make him a will-less object.

Keywords: , imprisoned in the cellar, interrogation, slave training, humiliation, torture, whipping, high heels, smoking, glamor, leather boots, gloves,


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