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"Institute für schwer-erziehbare Ehemänner"

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Story: The sadistic Madame Catarina as the severe leader of a german femdom institute, an institute where women can send her ill mannered husbands for merciless correction.

A new husband arrives in Madame Catarina's office and hands over the letter from his wife where she askes for a correction of this subject. The stupid man tries to corrupt the Mistress with money but all he reaches is that Madame Catarina increses the planed punishments.
While she explains the rules of the institute the man has to take off his clothes and put on the institute uniform. After that Madame Catarina puts him into a straight jacket and prepares him for the first punishment: Hard face slaps!
The man has to kneel in front of the beautiful Mistress who starts to slap his face extrem hard. She puts on some exclusive leather gloves and slaps him even harder. To make it impossible for the man to avoid the slaps she blindfolds him with a leather eye mask and then he has to take merciless salvos of hard face slaps with different gloves on her hands.

Day 2
in Madame Catarina's Institute where the stupid husband stays for servere correction. The sadistic leader Mistress leads him into one of the institute's dungeons ordering him to strip and attaching his arms to the cross.....

On the 3rd day Madame Catarina enters the dungeon in a very short officer leather dress and thigh high leather boots. The man is being attched to the cross again but this time with his chest and parts in front to the cruel Mistress. She tells him that this day she will correct him with CBT and mean nipple torture….

Day 4 in the Institute for the husband correction. Madame Catarina, the cruel owner of the institute, enters the room a a brand new leather outfit, wearing skin tight black pants. She leads the husband to her torture bank and ties him down with strong leather belts....

The last correction day has come for the husband and he enters the office of the cruel head mistress. He asks for his papers but Madame Catarina's outfit tells him, that there is another hard punishment is awaiting: 250 strokes with the cane!

Keywords:  Femdom, Caning, Slave Torture, Black Leather, Boots, Gloves, High Heels

Length: 80min


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